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“I tend to think of the act of photographing, generally speaking, as an adventure. My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.” – Diane Arbus

Whether we’re creating images for marketing collateral, a lifestyle magazine or other publication, on a commercial photography shoot we work together to generate thoughtful, high quality images that demonstrate leadership in your industry. Depending on the design of our project, I can come to your location to capture your business in motion or we use a location that I provide.

It has been my pleasure to photograph a variety of families. One of my most memorable was of a family in which one member was terminally ill. Working together, we created images that reflected their cherished time together.

Commercial Photography that is also Personal

Publications often need a photographer to capture the subject of an article in lifestyle photographs. I worked with an executive and his family creating a sense of his lifestyle for a magazine. Working with the family, we styled a session from start to finish capturing them in their home and at nearby locations. We created images of their morning routines, in conversation and being active and playful. I am pleased that we were able to capture their lifestyle in five locations, several clothing changes and eight hours of shooting. The resulting photos were amazing and the experience of the family was professional, comfortable and fun.

Elaine Kessler Photography has worked with various clients including engineers, physicians, chefs, executives at all levels, artists and other creatives, attorneys, publishers, non-profit organizations, universities and more. I am pleased to have worked with these and more commercial clients:

AZ Parenting Magazine
Cardinal Health
Melissa’s Produce
Raymond James
Social Venture Partners, AZ
Springboard Publishing
University of Texas, San Antonio