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“It’s not just about photos. It is who I am, the story I want to tell the world and what I want to leave in the world. It’s not just a picture.” – Elaine Kessler

Elaine Kessler Photography provides insightful and artistic stories through imagery to support you in achieving your goals. I am a digital photographer who believes in the power of our stories. I want to tell your story in images for the purpose of commemorating who you are in the world and the connections we have to each other.

Photography is about more than taking pictures. It is about creating memories for families. It is about creating a personal brand for a professional. It is about creating connections. Photographs tell the story of who we are and who we want to be.

After five years of shooting everyone I could and learning as much about my cameras as I could, Elaine Kessler Photography, the business, was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I have completed hundreds of shoots serving both coasts, capturing thousands of people.

My clients include companies like Cardinal Health, the University of Texas, GE, Herbalife, Raymond James, Roche, Fry’s and Melissa’s Produce. I’ve photographed a Major League Baseball player, a Fitness Model Champion, a wedding for a secret service agent, as well as a three day memorial service for a soldier killed in action.

The EKP experience is designed to be easy, fun and fruitful. I offer comprehensive styling tips as well as a personal, customized collaborative, experience. My team includes a wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist.

I am privileged to be a photographer for two charitable organizations. Operation Love Reunited captures families and homecomings for deployed soldiers. The F.I.L.M. Project captures families who have a member experiencing a life limiting illness.

My work has been published online and in print. It has hung in various valley and Virginia commercial locations, not to mention a few hundred homes.

Elaine Kessler Photography has done work for engineers, physicians, chefs, executives, creatives, attorneys, publishers, non-profits, universities, the military, magazines and films.

I want to create images that get you closer to what you want and at the same time tell your unique story. I believe that people are exceptional and I believe it is my responsibility to deliver their stories in the most beautiful way possible. You and your story matter to the world and it would be my privilege to support you in telling it. Let’s tell your amazing story together!