There’s nothing natural about it

Do you enjoy having your picture taken? Most people are not at their most comfortable in front of the camera. The truth is, unless you’re a professional model, there’s nothing natural about having your photograph taken.

You’re at a location you’ve never visited before, posing for a photographer, without knowing what she or he is seeing through the lens. Most people actually prefer to be behind the camera so it might feel contrived to be the one striking a pose.
I know how you feel and, in fact, I have my picture taken two to three times per year to get the experience of being a subject of a photo shoot. I know what it’s like to wonder if you’re standing the right way or if your smile looks natural.
When you’re the subject of a photograph, you can’t see yourself. Not only can I see you (the angle of your shoulders, the position of your chin, how you’re situated in front of the tree) but I also know what will look flattering and fabulous in your final product.

If you feel nervous about your photo shoot, you can feel confident that I know how to make you look your best. I’ve been a professional photographer for 5.5 years and have photographed thousands of people in many personal and commercial environments. I draw on that experience for every shoot I do.

You’ll have to trust me to help you relax and enjoy the unnatural process of having your picture taken. Sometimes my clients come to me with ideas about how they want to pose in front of the camera. Maybe it’s something they saw on Pinterest, how they posed in a photo they loved from twenty years ago or even how they pose in front of the mirror at home. That’s where my coaching comes in.

Sometimes it might sound silly because you’ll hear me say, “less smile, look down at the ground, elongate your neck like a turtle” or “drop your chin, back straight, imagine you have a string coming out of the top of your head…” But trust me, you’re going to love the end result.

A successful photo session is all about me knowing how to capture you in your best light and you trusting me to do it. In the end, what feels the most unnatural actually looks the most natural. You just have to trust me on that.



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