A Story About Editorial Photography by Arizona Photographer Elaine Kessler

I’m always dabbling.  I love playing with projects and ideas and coming up with something cool and interesting and fun.  I love even more when good people are willing to help me bring some life to my ideas.

Tucson2-1 Tucson2-1

I was at a conference in Tucson and invited some of my girlfriends to come down with me for a little girl time and fun photo shooting. Anessa Matthews did their hair and makeup and we ventured into the streets around parking garages and churches and San Xavier Mission.

Tucson2-1Tucson2-1  Tucson2-1

I had a hint of a vision but wasn’t exactly sure what would develop until we combined both the bodies and the space.  A and A were splendidly beautiful and spectacularly flexible.  We developed some great images together.


Here’s what I love about their editorial photography shoot:

  1. The style: in both settings, the women sported gorgeous outfits.  In the first, 50ish styled dresses with cool contemporary hair.  In the second, sexy black dresses that they both totally rocked.
  2. The settings: Downtown Tucson had cool colorful doors and intimate narrow doorways.  There was a fabulous multi textured fence over which the late afternoon poured its golden light.  At the Mission, church was in session so I didn’t want to intrude too terribly with a super sexy photo session. But intrude we did, just a tad, but only because the light was right!
  3. The flavor: A and A were completely open to my ideas and suggestions and the mood – so pensive and so sexy – really floors me when I look through these images.
  4. The sensibility: I wanted to stage a commentary on some of the matters in our community and while I wasn’t sure what it would look like or how it would evolve without first analyzing the intent and outcome of the images, I am really very pleased with what the images evoke for me personally.

Tucson2-1 Tucson2-1  Tucson2-1 Tucson2-1 Tucson2-1 Tucson2-1



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