Tips for Finding a Professional Photographer

It’s time for new photos, now what?

When you find yourself faced with the need for new headshots, new team photos, new family photos, and/or new marketing images featuring you and/or your staff, here are some things to consider:


Find a photographer who coaches you. Just as important as having a body of work as testament to a photographer’s talent, you should be looking to confirm that the photographer will coach you during the session. Unless you are a professional model, you don’t know when your shoulders are creeping up or when you are lifting your chin too high. It’s important to have a photographer who will tell you what to do to look your best.


Follow the photographer’s styling guide. Your photographer should share best practices for dressing and prepping for the session. Find a photographer who will share best tips to looking your best.


Ask questions about styling. Your photos are a collaborative effort and if you are interested and engaged in how you are being conveyed, your photographer should meet you halfway and tell you what looks will work best. Send images of what you’re thinking about wearing and if the photographer is unresponsive, try someone else.


As there are no certifications or credentials necessary to become a professional photographer, here are a few items to verify: 

—Does your photographer have evidence of past work? Check social media and don’t hesitate to ask to see a past client’s entire gallery for proof that the work on the socials is, indeed, their original work. These days, image theft is easy, common, and prevalent. It behooves you to verify that the awesome images you see online are, in fact, your potential photographer’s.

—Does your photographer have insurance? If something goes sideways, is your photographer covered?

—Does your photographer pay taxes? If your photographer has a legitimate business, they are charging, and paying, tax. 

Everyone knows a dozen “professional” photographers and I’m pretty sure getting new photos for most people ranks up there with going to the dentist (sorry dental pros!) Save your time and money and look for a photographer that will expertly coach you, offer guidance in preparing for the session, provide styling tips, full galleries at your request, proof of insurance, and charge tax. You owe it to yourself, your company, and your brand to do a little front end research that will hopefully yield quality, long lasting, useful images.






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