A Story About Shamrock Farms by Arizona Photographer Elaine Kessler

I love nature but I am not a farm girl (nor do I camp, I have a mortgage – thank you very much.)  I went to Shamrock Farms in Phoenix, AZ as a chaperone for my daughter’s first grade class.


Since that visit, both of my children have been begging to go.


They are not interested in the cows or the process of getting milk/dairy, the new calves or the interesting ways they tend to all the cows or the sheer enormity of the farm.  No, all these kids are interested in is the ice cream.  As if the farm is the only place to purchase REAL ice cream.  When they bug me about driving way out to Shamrock Farms to visit for ice cream, I buy them a pint from the grocery store and show them these pictures.


Here are a few things that made Shamrock Farms a neat place to get some great images:

  1. There are many repeating lines in some of the spaces at Shamrock Farms.  I find repeating lines somewhat marvelous and get a little giddy when lines or things repeat themselves.
  2. There is something being accomplished at Shamrock Farms and capturing the system by which progress is made is interesting to behold and enlightening to reflect upon.
  3. The cows themselves are really neat creatures – especially the calves.  How often do we actually examine a cow and the process through which most people’s drinking milk is produced?
  4. Depending on what kind of photographer you are, there are many places to stage a scene to “capture” kids with something Farm related.  There’s also a kids’ area where children can play with farm oriented playground equipment.





3651 E Baseline Rd
Suite e223
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Map + Directions

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