A Story about Kids Pictures by Child Photographer Elaine Kessler

I’ve been photographing BK for awhile now.  His mom and I are friends who hail from the same hometown of Hampton, Virginia and both chose the valley of the sun in Arizona to lay roots.  I love BK’s attitude, especially as complemented by his mom’s penchant for dressing him like an old man.

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We do 2 shoots a year.  One for BK’s birthday and the other for holiday pics that his mom sends out of them both.  I look forward to these shoots to commemorate the milestones BK has reached and to capture the growing love that they have for each other.

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We’ve shot at Freestone Park, downtown Gilbert, a Chandler greenbelt, downtown Chandler, downtown Scottsdale, and North Scottsdale.  BK is an easy going kid who likes to look good so he takes my coaching like a pro.

His mom always looks good so when they are photographed together, they are always coordinated and not matchy matchy – super stylish!

Taking kids pictures can be tricky.  Here’s what makes photographing BK a breeze:

  1. He is interested in having a good time so he tells me jokes and he humors me when I tell the one joke I know during each and every shoot.
  2. He is interested in looking his best so he takes my coaching for posing exceptionally well.  When I tell him to do a serious face, he knows to look softly at the camera with the slightest of smiles.  When he’s having a hard time giving me the real smile, I tell him NOT to smile or to chuckle and the authentic pull at the corners of his mouth go up like clockwork.
  3. He is a great sport so he wears the looks his mother has selected with confidence and pride.  If I ask him to sit, to kneel, to jump, to squat, to lean, and/or to stand on one leg (!) he does so willingly and happily.
  4. He and his mother trust me and my choices.  If I say I want to shoot at 5:30 in the morning, they don’t bat an eye. They know I wouldn’t choose anything but the best light if I get my way.

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I look forward to documenting the marvel that is this kid for years to come!

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