EKP has an Agenda: Beautiful Photography Stories

I recently heard Ben Cameron, a nationally renowned arts advocate, speak at The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, Local First Arizona and Phoenix Center for the Arts’ presentation of the Role of Arts & Culture in a Healthy Urban Environment.  My big takeaway was acknowledging that I need to determine how to articulate my presence as an artist, a photographer, with a civic agenda.  

I believe that as we share and increase our awareness of each others’ stories, the more connected we are to each other and the more connected we are to each other, the more fundamentally connected we become to life itself.  Our stories are our foundation – they are the stuff from which all life, as we know it, arises.  As someone who looks for and captures pieces of peoples’ stories, I feel it is a privilege to share these pieces when I can.  

It doesn’t matter the context, I am always on the lookout for the most interesting story I can devise about people.  Whether the story is true is irrelevant, I’m looking to create and capture something unique and something beautiful.  I want to create stories that provide a sense of depth, wonder and intrigue.  I believe I have the resources and the eyes to create beautiful photography stories about people and the enriching lives they lead.

Generally, I ask people about themselves before a shoot.  I try to find out what they love about their lives, what they like least about their lives and what they want more of in their lives.  I believe I can facilitate creating more of what people want in their lives through their images and their session experience if I know what they want.

Beautiful photography is subjective and people’s aesthetics can be fickle.  I offer my expertise behind the camera, my attention and listening to the client’s vision, and my artistic interpretation of light, composition and subject matter and my sincerest hope that the client is over the moon with the images.

My agenda is to bring more of what people want into their lives using photography.  Whether it’s love, connection, stability, career advancement, adventure, prosperity or some other amazing feel good way of being, I believe by tapping into and capturing people’s stories I can help others create their futures.



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